Sparkle Guide

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Sparkle Guide

The best way to get through Fel and to some champs is via Sparkles. These are portals located in Fel dungeons that allow you to port from dungeon to dungeon. There are portals in Despise, Fire, Deceit, and Tera Keep. Pro tip for sparkles:

Rule 1: Don't go right

Rule 2: See rule 1

The Table below will help you determine which sparkle to go through.

Dungeon Left Right
Despise Tera Keep Destard
Fire Despise Destard
Deceit Despise Fire
Tera Keep Deceit Fire
  • Destard has no Sparkles in it. You can port in to Destard, but you can't port out, you must run. It also has Ancient Wyrms, some of which might be paragons. So yeah. Don't go there.