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Resource Listings


Ores and Required Mining
Ore Ingots Mining Skill Ore Ingots Mining Skill
Iron Iron Ingots.png 0.0 Verite Verite Ingots.png 90.0
Dull Copper Dull Ingots.png 60.0 Valorite Valorite Ingots.png 95.0
Shadow Iron Shadow Ingots.png 65.0 Blaze Blaze Ingots.png 100.0
Copper Copper Ingots.png 70.0 Ice Ice Ingots.png 105.0
Bronze Bronze Ingots.png 75.0 Toxic Toxic Ingots.png 110.0
Golden Gold Ingots.png 80.0 Electrum Electrum Ingots.png 115.0
Agapite Agapite Ingots.png 85.0 Platinum Platinum Ingots.png 119.0

Other Resources From Mining

These resources cannot be gathered until books costing 10625gp each are read.


Book: Mining For Quality Stone

Vendor: Silamo The Stone Crafter

Location: Gargoyle City, Along the West side of the city, there are stairs directly in the middle, head up them and go north to find the Stone Crafter.

Granite can be mined once you have read this book, according to stratics and uoguide you must be a GM miner to be able to mine Granite. In order to mine Granite, you must set your mining tool to mine both ore and stone. This is done by clicking on the tool and selecting the appropriate option. When Mining for Granite, you will have a chance when digging at an Ore Vein to pull up a Granite of that ore type. If you are unable to mine for a certain type of ore, you will not be able to bring up Granite of that type.

In order to craft with stone, you must have carpentry skill, and read the crafting book associated with stone crafting and have a Mallet and Chisel, all bought from the same vendor.


Book: Find Glass-Quality Sand

Vendor: Silamo The Alchemist

Location: Gargoyle City, Straight North from the teleporter.

Sand can be mined once you have read this book, according to stratics and uoguide you must be a GM miner to be able to mine sand. Mining sand can be done at any sandy patch with a mining tool. Sand does not stack, but can be added to Spellcaster's Keys.

In order to craft with sand, you must have alchemy skill, and read the crafting book associated with glass-blowing and have a Blow Pipe, all bought from the same vendor.


Specific creatures once killed and skinned will yield certain leather types.

Leather Types
Leather Cut Leather Creatures
Regular Leather.png Bears, Great Hart, Cows, etc
Spined Spined Leather.png Lizardmen, Ratmen, Lesser Hiryu
Horned Horned Leather.png Drakes
Barbed Barbed Leather.png Dragons, White Wyrm
Polar Polar Leather.png Giant Ice Serpent
Synthetic Synthetic Leather.png Must use Gargoyle Knife or Bulk Order Deed Rewards
Blaze Blaze Leather.png Must use Gargoyle Knife or Bulk Order Deed Rewards
Daemonic Daemonic Leather.png Daemons
Shadow Shadow Leather.png Shadow Wyrm
Frost Frost Leather.png Ice Fiend
Ethereal Ethereal Leather.png Must use Gargoyle Knife or Bulk Order Deed Rewards


Wood and Required Lumberjacking
Wood Boards Lumberjacking Skill Wood Boards Lumberjacking Skill
Natural Natural Logs.png 0.0 Zircote Zircote Logs.png 70.0
Pine Pine Logs.png 20.0 Ebony Ebony Logs.png 80.0
Ash Ash Logs.png 30.0 Bamboo Bamboo Logs.png 90.0
Mohogany Mahogany Logs.png 40.0 Purple Heart Purple Heart Logs.png 100.0
Yew Yew Logs.png 50.0 Redwood Redwood Logs.png 110.0
Oak Oak Logs.png 60.0 Petrified Petrified Logs.png 119.0


Mining: Pickaxes and Shovels

  • Note: While it has not been extensively tested, there seems to be no difference in using sturdy versions of the tools, other than the number of uses. When added to a tool house they count as normal mining tool uses.

Lumberjack: Axes

  • Sturdy axes (a carp BOD reward) produce grade A logs used only in shipbuilding, that cannot be added to wood worker's keys. Sturdy axes, when added to a tool house, count as normal lumberjacking tool uses.

Skinning: Bladed Items [Knife-like people, let's not get creative]

  • Note: Apparently swords can be used for skinning too.

Prospecting Tools

These can be used to promote an ore vein or tree spot's resource to the next level. For Example, a Prospector's Tool when used on a Verite Vein,

will promote the ore type to Valorite. You only need to use the tool once then you can mine with your normal tool. They will also display the type of ore in a given spot, though it will display the new (ie. upgraded) type, not the standard, non-prospected.

Prospector's Tool and Prospector's Axe are Blacksmith, Bowcraft, and Carpentry BOD rewards.

Gargoyle Tools

Gargoyle Tools come in three varieties: Gargoyle Pickaxe, Gargoyle Axe, and Gargoyle Knife.

Gargoyle Tools work similarly to a prospecting tool with a few differences:

  • You must use the Gargoyle Tool every time on the vein/spot, not just once, to promote the resource type.
  • You risk the chance of spawning an elemental of the promoted resource type.

A Gargoyle Knife will promote the skinned creature's leather drop up a leather type, but certain monsters when skinned will have a

range of resource types granted by the gargoyle knife, instead of just promoting the leather type up one.

Gargoyle Tools are gotten either by Crafting BOD Rewards or killing Gargoyles:

Gargoyle Pickaxes:

  • Gargoyles - 100 Use Pickaxes
  • Gargoyle Destroyers - 50 Use Pickaxes
  • Stone Gargoyles - Variable Use Pickaxes

Gargoyle Knives: Blazing/Burning Gargoyles - Variable Use Knives

Gargoyle Axes: Enslaved Gargoyles


When you spawn an elemental with the use of Gargoyle Tools, the better the resource type of elemental spawned, the harder the elemental will hit you.

Beware: They get tough when you start getting up to Petrified/Platinum/Ethereal Elementals. They can easily one-shot kill the average player.

Benefits to harvesting resources with Gargoyle Tools:

  • Ore Elementals drop 25 Ore, and a 5 use Tink/Hammer runic of that ore type.
    • Smelted down to 50 ingots.
  • Wood Elementals drop 50 logs, and a 5 use Fletching runic of that wood type.
  • Leather Elementals drop a 5 use Sewing runic of that leather type.
    • You must skin Leather Elementals to retrieve the 50 leather from them.
      • May be a waste but skinning w/ Garg Knife a Leather Elemental can also potentially summon another Elemental, though it has the drawback of randomizing the leather gained (ie. garg skinning an ethereal elemental does not necessarily yield ethereal leather).
      • Also - skinning using a normal knife in Felucca gives double hides (including elementals), garg skinning gives the normal (Tram) amount regardless of location.

You can stack Prospector's Tool/Axe with Gargoyle's pickaxe/axe to promote an ore vein or tree spot up two resource types.

Prospect a Verite spot then use a Gargoyle's Pickaxe and you will get Blaze ore and the chance to spawn a Blaze Elemental.

Crafting with Resources


When crafting with a runic kit, the item is crafted and given magical properties. There are a few things to note:

  • The higher the resource type of the runic, the more chance of multiple magical properties with greater intensities occurring.
  • You can use any resource type to craft with, regardless of the resource type of the runic. This is especially useful crafting Luck Gear.

This makes Ethereal, Platinum, and Petrified Runic tools the most desirable to use, as you'll get the best results.


Different resources will yield different properties, as shown here

Crafting Bonus Gear and Items

There are items available through Crafting BODs that will boost your various crafting skills:

Crafting Armor with bonuses +1, +3, and +5 in Tailoring, Blacksmith, Carpentry and Bowcraft are available, as well as

the resource gathering skills, Lumberjack and Mining.

Ancient Crafting Hammers, values vary depending on the skill being boosted, are available for Blacksmith, Carpentry and Bowcraft.

  • These come with 600 uses, to be held by a crafter while using a crafting kit/ or more preferably a runic.