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How to set up Razor

I noticed that some people were having trouble getting Razor to work. I had the same problems so I wrote this tutorial to hopefully help fix some of the issues. If you are getting any of the following messages when you try to start RAZOR then this Tutorial should help.



1. Download RAZOR. ( http://www.runuo.com/razor/download.php) or ( http://uogaddict.com/downloads/section/3-ultima-downloads.html )

2. Extract RAZOR to C:\Program Files (x86)\

           This is important.If you extract it to C:\Program Files it will not work!

3. Move/Change UO Folder to C:\Program Files\Ultima Online

           This is important. If it's in another folder it will not work! 
           If your folder was "Ultima Online - Excelsior Shard" or not, make sure to follow the directions

4. Create a registry file -

         After you have the files in the right places and correctly named you need to create a text document. I just used MS Word.
         Copy and paste the following to you text document. If you followed the steps above then you should not have to edit this.

  Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Origin Worlds Online\Ultima Online]
  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Origin Worlds Online\Ultima Online\1.0]
  "ExePath"="C:\Program Files\Ultima Online\client.exe"
  "InstCDPath"="C:\Program Files\Ultima Online"
  "PatchExePath"="C:\Program Files\Ultima Online\uopatch.exe"
  "StartExePath"="C:\Program Files\Ultima Online\uo.exe"
  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Origin Worlds Online\Ultima Online Third Dawn]
  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Origin Worlds Online\Ultima Online Third Dawn\1.0]
  "ExePath"="C:\Program Files\Ultima Online\uotd.exe"
  "InstCDPath"="C:\Program Files\Ultima Online"
  "PatchExePath"="C:\Program Files\Ultima Online\uopatch.exe"
  "StartExePath"="C:\Program Files\Ultima Online\uo.exe"

      Save this new text document to your desktop and change the file name from whatever it is to “UO.REG”. 
      This file is going to write to your registry. Once you change the name and file extension to “UO.REG” double click it. 
      It should give you this:


Click yes and this will update you registry.

5. Now start RAZOR and you should get this screen:


6. Set it up like you see in the picture and that should do it. Oh This was tested on Windows 7. If there are any issues with a different OS let me know and I will update the post.

Screen Flashing

If your screen has been flashing randomly it is because of an incompatibility between Razor and the Windows Vista to 8 Aero theme. In order to fix this you must right click the Razor shortcut and select properties. Then click the compatibility tab and check disable visual themes and desktop composition. This will temporarily disable the Aero theme while Razor is running.

Problem solved.

Resizing UO game window using Razor

If you are using windows 7 or 8 do this:

1. Locate your Razor.exe (or a link to it), go in properties-> compatibility -> check the box "run this program as an administrator". All other programs such as UOAM, Easy UO, OpenEUO shall also be set to run as administrator otherwise they won't connect to each other.

2. Open Razor and login to UO. In Razor window, go in "more options" tab -> check the box "force game size" and configure the new resolution you want. I (Walter) am using 1080 x 810 resolution.

3. Close Razor and start it again, to make the changes effective.

Note: UO client and/or the server limits the tiles you can view, if you make it too large (around 940 width/height or larger) you will see the corners greyed out (the bigger the resolution, the bigger the greyed out corners will get).