Pet Breeding

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Benefits of Breeding

Breeding pets allows you to create pets that are far stronger than freshly tamed ones. You can increase every stat (Str/HP/Dex/Resists/etc.); by breeding pets over multiple generations you can eventually max all of these stats, resulting in a pet that can tank/deal damage very well.

Pets gain ability points when they level up, allowing you to boost their stats

Formulas & Stats

Freshly tamed pets will always be Generation 1 and have a maximum level in the range of 10-30.

When you breed a male/female pet together, the baby/offspring of the parents will be a combination of the stats of the mother/father. A successful breed between a mother/father produces two tickets.

  • The formula to calculate the baby's stats is (Mother + Father) / 2 = Baby.
Example: A Female with 100 Str and a Male with 200 Str will produce a Baby with 150 Str.
  • The formula to calculate the baby's level is (Mother + Father) / 2 + [1, 2, 3] = Baby, with a random bonus of 1-3 levels being added on.
Example: Two level 30 Parents will make a level 31, 32 or 33 pet. A 26 and a 30 will make a level 29, 30, or 31 pet.
  • The formula to calculate the baby's generation is simply the Mother/Father's generation +1.
Example: Two Gen 5 Parents will make two Gen 6 Babies. A Gen 2/Gen 6 Parent will make Gen 3/7 babies.

Rules of Breeding

In order to breed a pet, it must be Level 9 or higher, Level 42 or lower and Generation 9 or lower. Pets that are Generation 10 cannot breed. Anything Level 43 or higher cannot breed. A level 42 pet with a max level of 43 or higher can still breed, so pull your pet out of combat when it hits level 42.

Pets unlock stats as they gain levels, you can't add to stats until they hit the level mark.

Stat Level Available
Str/Int/Dex* 40
AR 30
Min/Max Dmg 20
Resists 10
HP/Stam/Mana 2

Once you have leveled up/used all the ability points on your pet, head to the Breeders. You may want to hire a friend to help, especially if you have many things to breed (Max of 2 Breeds per Character per 12 hours), or something that is 3 slots. Feed both pets before you try breeding -- the 6 days in breeding delay count towards the 7 days needed for natural bonding.

If you succeed, each owner will receive a claim ticket that can be redeemed in 3 days. Both parents will have delays of 6 days before you can use them again. There are delay reduction deeds that reduce the breeding delay by 24 hours(available on gold vendor stone). To redeem claim tickets drop them onto the breeder.

How to Breed

The first thing you need to account for is what style of pet are you breeding. Pack Instinct or regular, magery/mana user or not, etc. This determines what stats you want to focus on. No matter what you are doing, HP and Resists are the best place to start. If you are doing something without Pack Instinct (aka, has 1000 Str), you may wish to do this as well.

When you are breeding, make sure you are putting points into different stats for the mother/father. Children randomly receive a small bonus over the base formula for each stat. The bonus is higher if the parents' stats were far apart. If you have 150 Ability Points to dump into the mom/dad, go Str/Cold Resist on one, HP/Energy Resist on the other, or something similar. That way, when the baby comes out, it has higher Str, HP and Resists, instead of just HP. If you add JUST HP to BOTH parents, you get a baby with the same stats as both parents.

All of the stats except AR will carry over to the child.

Breeding pets can be a long and arduous process. Most give up, there isn't much profit in the long run and it has a STEEP learning curve. Just remember to stay consistent in what stats you are trying to max, as well as splitting what stats the parents get. Plan your breeds and the next ones after if you can, keep them organized and make sure you get to Level 40 so you can add Str, if you need it.


Backbreeding is breeding a high-generation pet into a low generation pet. The low-generation child will have the spent ability points from the parents and more remaining up-breed generations to gain more ability points. You'll have to back-breed several times to max out a pet breeding line.

There are two types of backbreeding: pets with similar amounts of spent ability points and gen9's back in to early gens.

When breeding, you should generally breed together pets with about the same number of spent ability points. Just add up hp, stamina, strength, dex, etc. Breed two pets whose sum comes out to about the same number. When you have more than two pets with about the same number of spent points, breed together the two lowest gen pets. For example, say you have the following pets:

Gender Generation Spent Ability Points
Female 7 1526
Male 8 1506
Female 4 1463
Female 2 1199

In this scenario you should breed the gen 8 male into the gen 4 female, even though the gen 7 female is closer and has more ability points. The resulting gen 5 child is more valuable -- it has many more potential progeny before they hit gen 9. Do -not- breed the gen 8 male into the gen 2 female. You'll get more powerful pets more quickly if you wait until you have the gen 9 child (with its 1600-1700 spent ability points) and then breed that gen 9 child into the gen 2 female.

Once you have gen 9 pets, you reach the second type of back-breeding. Breed the gen-9 into a fresh gen-1. Throw away the gen 10 ticket and claim the gen 2 child. Once leveled the gen 2 child will have 100 or so points more than half the gen 9's ability points. Now breed the gen 2 into a gen 9. The gen 3 child will have 80%-85% of the gen 9's spent ability points. Finally, breed the gen 3 in to another gen 9. The resulting gen 4 child will have 90% to 95% of the gen 9's power. One more breed with a comparable gen 4 or higher yields a gen 5 at least as powerful as the gen 9, but with 4 more generations available for up-breeding.

Ordinarily you should use level 30 fresh tames for the gen 1's. However, some pets are hard to come by: Noble Steeds, Mules, Ridable Pack Llamas and so on. The low level pets (e.g. level 10) are useless during the initial breeding up to level 42: it'd take forever to reach level 42 starting with a pair of level 10's. However, once you have level 42 gen 9's, you can make use of even the low level gen 1's. Consider what happens when you start with a level 10 gen 1 mule and some level 42 gen 9 mules:

Parent 1 Parent 2 Child
Gen 1 Level 10 Gen 9 Level 42 Gen 2 Max Level 27-29
Gen 2 Level 27-29 Gen 9 Level 42 Gen 3 Max Level 35-38
Gen 3 Level 35-38 Gen 9 Level 42 Gen 4 Max Level 39-43

Because the children experienced fewer levels you'll come up short a hundred or so ability points versus starting with a level 30 gen 1 fresh tame, but you shoot right back over level 40 all the same, and it all works out.

When back breeding a gen 9, don't bother claiming the gen 10 ticket. Drop it in a trash can. The gen 10 from a gen 9+1 back breed will have half the gen 9's abilities and it won't be able to breed. The ticket says which parent it comes from and you only have to pay if you claim it.