Patching Your Client

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Note: This page is currently under construction due to the patcher has been removed from the site. Possibly due to newer patches coming soon..

Here you can download the latest version of the Expatcher, a program that will update the client files.

If you would rather patch manually, here is a list of files that you need to update. (Under Construction)

To set up Expatcher, follow these steps:

1. Click here to download Expatcher.exe Save it to a temporary location (such as your Desktop or the Downloads folder), or you can save it directly to the UO Client folder.

2. Place it inside your UO Client folder. If you have downloaded the pre-patched client and installed it to the recommended location, this should be C:\Program Files\Ultima Online - Excelsior Freeshard\

3. Close your UO Client (the game) The UO Client may be using certain files that need to be replaced. By closing the game, you make it possible for Expatcher to replace the updated files.

4. Run the Expatcher (doubleclick the expatcher.exe) And follow instructions that you will see in the window. Then click "Check for updates" when ready.

We recommend that you check for updates about every week. The Expatcher will only update/download the files that have been changed, so the update process is usually very quick. If there are no changes to the client files since you last patched, it literaly takes just a few seconds.

Note: Current issue with the expatcher: (as of September 1st, 2011) Norton Antivirus reports the program as a potential threat, which is a false positive. The program is indeed safe, you have my word (+Colibri). It will only download the .mul files required to update the client, and even makes backups of the old ones, all of it only takes place in the folder where you put it, and not anywhere else on the computer. You can scan it with another antivirus and it will not be report it as a threat.