Lost Land Passages

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There are many routes to get in and out of the Lost Lands (Delucia/Papua) Most of them are worthless and unless you happen to deep in the Lost Lands in Fel, looking for a way out, you will most likely never use 3/4 of these. Passages with a * next to them imply they are useful, while the others are too far out in no mans land to help.

Britain Sewers to Hoppers Bog:* Goes from the Britain Sewers (Accessed near the Brit Inn) to East of Papua.

Delucia Passage: Goes from the Trinsic Caves (Accessed via a cave at the bottom of the mountain near Trinsic) to Delucia or the Undead City/Savage Camp to the North of Del.

Vesper Cemetery Passage:* Goes from Vesper Cemetary (one of the houses has a basement/tunnel) to the middle of the Lower Lost Lands. Papua is a straight shot north, making this a quick route to Paroxy.

Marble Island Passage: Goes from Marble Isle to directly West of Tera Keep.

Moonglow to Papua Mage Shops:* Speaking Recdu/Recsu will bring you from shop to shop

Fire to Sak Teb: Goes from Fire Dungeon to the Desert in the Lost Lands.

Ice to Kos Heb West: Goes from Ice Dungeon to the North Tundras of the Lost Lands

Minoc North Mines Passage: Goes from the Caves near Minoc to Hoppers Bog (the same swamp the Brit Sewers takes you to)

Serpent Pillars:* Speaking Doracron/Sueacron will bring you from pillar to pillar

Temple Island to Delucia Temple:* Brings you from an Island nearby Serpents Hold/at the Bottom end of Britannica to a spot East of Delucia

Yew Prison to Lighthouse: Coolest passage way, most useless however. Brings you from Yew Prison to the Lighthouse in the Desert in the Lost Lands.

There are only a few places you would want to go to in the Fel Lost Lands.

-Tera Keep Champ: Closest passage is Marble Isle. Alternative options are: Vesper GY, Britain Sewers, Papua Mage shop.

-Paroxysmus: Closest/best passage to take is Vesper GY. Alternative options are: Britain Sewers, Marble Isle, Papua Mage shop.

-Khaldun: I'm just going to save you time and tell you there is nothing here. Britain passage is closest, but really. Don't go, it is not worth it.

If you are sneaky/smart about it, you can use some of these passages to check champ spawns very efficiently. The best way to check champs is to run a circuit, check a few in a row in an optimal manner. One such circuit is the Forget run, which is Cove MoA, Barracoon, Tera Keep, Fire and/or Ice.

When checking Destard, bring a boat with you. When you finish/if it is down, hop on your boat and sail west, to the Serpents Pillars. This will put you near Fire Dungeon in the Lost Lands. Then you can check Fire/Ice, maybe Tera as well. Take note of some of the other locations as well, they can be used similarly.

Recdu - Say this while standing on the pentagram in Encyclopedia Magicka (North side of Moonglow Island) to be taken to the Papua Mage shop Recsu - Say this while standing on the pentagram in the Papua Mage shop to be taken to North Moonglow Doracron - When said near the Serpent Pillars in Brittania, this will teleport you (and your boat) to the Lost Lands Sueacron - When said near the Serpent Pillars in the Lost Lands, this will teleport you (and your boat) to Brittania