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Building a Home

To create any sort of home, you need a House Placement Tool, purchasable from Architects. There is one in Britain, near the Healers/Smithy. Go to a World Teleporter, click Custom, click LB Castle. It's five steps to the North-East.

Creating a home can be costly, but larger homes hold more items. You have the choice between Classic homes (pre-built) and Custom homes (2-story or 3-story foundations you can build on). You are allowed two houses per account. Additional slots can be purchased for 400 ED. To have an additional house joined to your existing one you will need another 50 ED.


You can build a house almost anywhere in Trammel, Malas, Magda (a mirror of Malas), and some parts of Tokuno. The surface must be flat, free of obstructions, and cannot be built too close to other homes. That range is one tile East-West, 6 tiles North-South.

Tools for the Home

Deco Tool - Used to arrange items in your home.

Yard Wand - Used to purchase and place special items in and around your home.

Yard tools can be used to build stuff outside of your home, in your lawn, as well as inside. These items can be sold or rotated by clicking on them. Single click for a drop-down menu to sell an item, double click to rotate the item.. Yard items can also be raised/lowered with an Interior Decorator. You can create bridges that connect homes in this fashion.


For those without many belongings or gold, an apartment may suit you best. Head to a World Teleporter, click Custom, click Apartments. Any of the tiles near the World Teleporter lead to small, cheap rooms in inns, or on the outskirts of towns. They don't have much storage, but they are quite cheap. There should be a sign on the outside of the building, normally a bank sign. Double-click this sign, a gump will appear. Read through the gump and if you want to rent the house then click 'Claim House' at the bottom of the gump.

Players can also rent a few specific buildings in certain towns, though the cost of doing so quickly adds up.

Housing Commands

"I wish to lock this down" - To lock an item down.

"I wish to secure this" - Securing a container means you can safely add and remove things from the container without having to use the release and lock down commands each time. This command can also be used to 'lock' a single item down.

"I wish to release this" - Used to unlock/unsecure an item.

"I wish to place a trash barrel here" - You place a trash barrel directly where you are standing. Use an axe to chop it down when you want to get rid of it.

"I ban thee" - Used to ban someone from your house.

"Remove thyself" - Kicks someone from your house.

"I wish to place a strongbox" - When said by a co-owner it places a secure strongbox where the co-owner is standing and can only be accessed by the co-owner.