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Gravedigging is basically mining, but with graves. Digging graves with a Gravedigger shovel can yield many rewards. It can also spawn monsters (Sometimes Paragon), Reagents (Magery and Necromancy), Gems, and Scrolls.

The items needed:

Gravedigger Shovel: Gravedigging Shovel.png

Grave: Grave.png

Lower Tier

Here is a list of the artifacts that you can dig up:

Various Bones: Jaw Bone.png Spine.png Bone 01.png Bone Shards.png Rib Cage.png (Each come in both directions)

Bone Chests: Bone Chest 01.pngBone Chest 02.pngBone Chest 03.pngBone Chest 04.pngBone Chest 05.png (Each come in both directions)

Bone Piles: Bone Pile 01.pngBone Pile 02.pngBone Pile 03.pngBone Pile 04.png (Each come in both directions)

Book: Book.png (One direction)

Bottles of Liquor: Bottles of Liquor.png (One direction)

Pillow: Pillow.png (One direction)

Pitcher: Pitcher.png (One direction)

Flower Pots: Flower Pot 01.png Flower Pot 02.png (One direction)

Sheet Music: Sheet Music.png (Comes in both directions)

Tarot Cards: Tarot.png (Comes in both directions)

Tables: Table 01.png (Comes in both directions)

Furniture: Broken Armoire.png Broken Furniture.png Ruined Bookcase.png (Each come in both directions)

Fur Rugs: Fur 01.png Fur 02.png Fur 03.png Fur 04.png (Each come in both directions)

Gruesome Standards: Gruesome Standard.png (Comes in both directions)

Spider Webs: Spider Web 01.png Spider Web 02.png

Broken Chairs: Broken Chair 05.png Broken Chair 06.png (Each come in both directions) Broken Chair 01.png( Comes in 4 different directions)

Upper Tier

Leather Skirt of the Amazon: Leather Skirt of the Amazon.png

The Butcher's Resolve: The Butcher's Resolve.png

Follower of the Old Lord: Follower of the Old Lord Sash.png

Holy Hammer of Exorcism: Holy Hammer of Exorcism.png

Armored Robe: Armored Robe.png

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