Farming Crops

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Cooking Skill

To successfully grow crops, you need to train your cooking skill:

  • Cooking Skill < 60 will often, if not always, yield weeds instead of crops
  • Cooking Skill >= 60s-70s will yield crops most of the time
  • Cooking Skill > 90 will never produce weeds (the threshold may be lower)

Note: If you accidentally grow some weeds, just click them as if to harvest them and you'll pull up the weeds to free the plot for a new crop.

Crop Types

To grow crops, you need to acquire seeds from a Farmer NPC. You can find farmers in many towns and in some custom areas like the taming forest. The seeds available currently for growing are:

  • onions
  • garlic
  • lettuce
  • corn
  • cabbage
  • carrots
  • cotton and flax (crafting resource crops)

Public Fields

You can plant in public fields outside of any town, where there is space.

  • You can only harvest your own crops

Most public field are filled up with long-abandoned crops from other players.


To grow crops at home, you will need to place plantable soil from the Yard Wand in your yard area or in your home. Crops do not need to be locked down, so you can grow them outside of your home:

  • 2 squares out on the side yards
  • 4 squares out in the front yard

To find the plantable soil option on your Yard Wand:

  • Double click the yard wand in your back pack
    • Yard Wands are purchased from the blue token stone in Trinsic)
  • Click the lower blue circle on the left hand side - the Ground Tiles section
  • Click the first of four dots on the top row menu which starts with Short Bush 1
  • Arrow over all the way to the end of the menu.
  • Plantable soil is the last option and it costs 30,000 gold each.


To plant, stand on your plantable soil or farm dirt tile, click one of the seeds in your backpack. This will start a crop seedling. The seedling can take several hours to mature. Even if you plant all your crops at the same time they will probably not all mature at the same time.

Harvesting Crops

To harvest:

  • Target the plant and double-click it to harvest the crop.
    • You usually do not get a full harvest on the first try, so you have to repeat your harvest attempts till you gather that crop's maximum harvest.
  • Once you have harvested all of the crops from a mature plant that it can yield, it will ask if you want to destroy the plant.
    • Click cancel, unless you really want to get rid of it.

Different crops yield different crop amounts. Harvest amounts are:

  • corn yields 3 crops
  • carrots yield 6 crops
  • onions or garlic yield 4 crops
  • lettuce or cabbage yields 1 crop
  • flax or cotton yields 10 crops

In approximately 10 minutes, your crops will have resources on them again; however, they will not appear fully regrown until the randomly respawned resource amount reaches the plant's resource max.

Pumpkin and Squash Fields

If you see fields of pumpkins, squash and other such items at player homes, look carefully, those vines are probably locked down parasitic plants and the pumpkins and squash are locked down as well.

If you want to make one of these fields, you need to:

  • lock down your "vines" (parasitic plants are a byproduct of lumberjacking)
  • raise them twice with the deco tool
  • arrange and lock down your squash (pumpkin, gourds, non-plantable crops, etc.)
  • raise them twice with the deco tool
  • place plantable soil beneath them to emulate a field

Note: Deco fields can only exist on land where you can have lock downs. You can mix in different vegetables for a pretty and interesting garden, and for nice layers, use the deco tool to turn the vegetables so that they sit on the "vines" in different places.

If you are a tailor: I highly recommend growing your own flax. It is very pretty to grow. Cotton sprawls kind of funny from where the plant begins, but sometimes you specifically need cotton for deco. Cotton saves on tailor keys as it is. Flax saves on tailor keys as wool.

--Viola 05:50, 21 November 2011 (UTC)