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Getting started

To edit any page, simply click on the "Edit" link in the menu above it. The editing is done with Wiki Markup Language - a markup language is a way to tell the computer how to show the text - whether it should be bold, aligned to the right, or if an image needs to be inserted.

Please do all your testing in the Sandbox. Thank you :)

It's all easier than it seems. To edit, you'll need to know how to:

  • Divide page into sections (headings)
  • Insert links and perhaps how to make a text bold
  • Upload images and include them to the page

Although these are just the basics, it's all you'll need, and it won't take more than 5 minutes for you to learn.

1. Page sections - headings

Whenever you're working on a page that's got more than a few paragraphs, you should divide it into sections. The system is made so that one can make a correction to just one section, instead of the whole document, which makes managing content a lot easier, such as reverting to a previous version of just that section, instead of reverting the whole document.

To make a heading simply press the big A icon in the tool bar above the text input box on the editing page. Or you can do it manually, and type == This is a heading ==

2. Simple formatting

To insert bold or italic text, press the B or I icons in the toolbar. For underlined text you'll need to write the HTML code. You'll get:

  • This would be '''Bold''' text
  • Here's some ''Italic''
  • And this makes <u>Underline</u> text

3. Linking to other pages

There's two types of links:

Internal links - for linking content that is inside the same Wiki system. To make one, click the Ab icon in the toolbar. For example, here's a link to the Sandbox which looks like this in the code: [[Sandbox]]

External links - for linking all other web sites and pages. For that, click the icon of the earth that has a tiny sheet of paper next to it. You'll end up with a link such as UO Excelsior Shard which looks like this in the code: [http://www.uoex.net UO Excelsior Shard]

4. Uploading images

It's not good to use image hosting providers such as Imageshach or Photobucket... The images there might not be available after a year or two, that's why we got our own space for storing pictures.

To upload an image, go to the Special:Upload page. After you've uploaded your image, it's time to include it in the page you're working with, by clicking the icon of a picture in the toolbar. You will end up with a code such as [[Image:Example.jpg]] which will show the image like this


5. Advanced editing

Although the above things is basically all you need to make a simple page, there's a lot more possible.

You should visit the How to edit a page article on Wikipedia.

The system also supports HTML, which you can learn at [[1]