Custom tamables

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NameLocationTaming NeededSlots Required
Aqua StangOclloUnknown3
Bone BeetleSkeletal Dragon, Ilshenar1103
Golden PonyNear Trinsic, TrammelUnknown1
MuleMaster of the Arts' mount86.61
Noble SteedTrammel Dungeons106.51
Nox SteedDespise lvl 3, FeluccaUnknown2
Rainbow HorseFeluccaUnknown1
Ridable Polar BearSoutheast Ice Island, Felucca97.11
Ridable DrakeDestard lvl 3, FeluccaUnknown2
Ridable SpiderSpider Cave back door, Ilshenar110.25

Wyrm Family

NameLocationTaming NeededSlots Required
Fire WyrmHythloth, Felucca106.63
Energy WyrmWisp Dungeon, Ilshenar108.73
Strupen WyrmShame, Felucca110.83
Wyrmy WyrmKi-rin Passage, Ilshenar
Deceit, Felucca
Despise, Felucca


NameLocationTaming Needed Slots Required
Siberian TigerNorthern Lost Lands, Trammel111.03
Juggernaut BearNear Keeper of the Species,
Southeast of Felucca gate
Picky BeetleSolen Hive, Felucca805
Holy CatNear Keeper of the Species,
Southeast of Felucca gate
Cait SithHeartwood~1203