Bael'Nefario's Military Outpost

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On the night of July 8th, 2010, +Veritas received a scouting report from Stelios warning about the construction of an Umbris camp...

That night, the warriors attacked Bael'Nefario's newly established outpost in the land of Excelsior. Many reached deep into the outpost and faced the countless divisions of soldiers of the dark Umbris army, including it's most skilled warriors, the Remnant Elite. Unfortunately, the dark soldiers kept the soldiers of Excelsior from establishing any kind of secure position inside the outpost. To this day, the only way in is through the jagged pallisade of the front opening.

The outpost is found by starting in Felucca Cove. Take the coast north until you find a path. Follow this path northwest and pass over a bridge. Once you pass over the bridge, you will see a stone structure further east along the path with a quest giver named Mather. Read the book next to him to know what your next steps are.

There are 4 rewards to be obtained in this area, if you are up to the challenge. The outpost has a very secure armory. All keys obtained outside of the armory have a 5 hour decay and are on monsters that have a 3 hour duration. This is done to ensure that if someone fights the key monsters and pulls them far away from their place of origin, they will eventually respawn in their original location. Since the keys have a 5 hour decay and the monsters last for 3 hours, assume that once you loot the key you have 2 hours to use that key before it disappears.

I recommend you insure, bless, or bank all items you do not want lost. This area has monsters that loot corpses. Also, make sure you have plenty of insurance money in the bank. There is a corpse stone and ankh located in a stone structure south of the outpost.

Other Item Decays: All Officer Badges have a 5 hour decay on monsters with a 3 hour respawn, hence these items should be assumed to last 2 hours. Betony's Cape has a 2 hour decay, but a 3 minute spawn in its location. You may want to drop the first item your loot and wait for a new spawn to loot, if you want to ensure that your looted cape has the full 2 hour time limit.