Bael'Nefario's Island - Sgáil

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The once known island of Skara claimed and renamed Sgáil.

This island has been secured around its entire perimeter with powerful Shadow Nodes and long-range archers. The only feasible approach is from the docks on the southeastern side of the island where players typically travel to and from the mainland.

Sgáil Map

Seizing the island was the tactical work of Legion, the archlich and grand commander of Bael'Nefario's military. However, the overseeing of the island was bestowed upon Ximestis, a powerful summoner of elemental beasts. While he takes his orders from Legion, he resents his master and the war tactics he uses.

Sgáil Castle Fortress

While the town fell and is now under control of Bael'Nefario, there are still some accessible elements of the town once dedicated to studying the powers of the Umbris and Pandæmonium horrors. There was a rumor that individuals in this town were on the verge of harvesting the power of the Penumbris Gleam and Shadow, in an attempt to provide the army of Excelsior with items to use against Bael'Nefario's eventual assault on Britain. These rumors have yet to be confirmed.

Monsters in this area vary in specials and attacks. Some have long-ranged attacks but slow rates of fire, others have magic that can roast a balron. Some monsters are slow and can kill with one blow, some have little health and armor...but lurk in the shadows with their sharpened daggers and wait for a player to run by. Some can't be killed at all, and must be avoided at all costs.

Townsmen who survived the assault were either corralled into jails or were enslaved to do the work of the Umbris, such as armor and weapon forging and repair.

The key to this area is to explore every building, look inside every container, leave no stone unturned. Speak to every townsman still alive, they will likely offer you a quest that will lead to either an artifact or information needed to enter the Umbris Fortress and defeat Ximestis. Unlock the jail where they hold the townsmen captive, and free them so they can join the Excelsior war effort once more.

Some puzzles in this area require two players working collaborative, and one needs the efforts of four players.

Good luck! Also, remember to insure, bless, or bank items you do not want lost. Teamwork is the key to survival here, along with smart battle tactics. A pencil and paper for note taking wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Note Regarding Quest NPCs: All assistants and apprentices are the NPCs that give the quests, and all quest rewarding NPCs are in the same building or screen length. The only exception to this rule is the reward NPC, Leifang. When turning in quest books, ALWAYS stand next to the NPC (a.k.a. one tile length) until your reward is given. The indication that the NPC sees your completed quest is shown by the NPC saying 'Be still, I have something for you'. After this is said, you will have to wait a maximum of 3 seconds for your reward to be transferred. Running by the NPC with a completed quest book runs the risk of losing your reward, and will not constitute staff reimbursing you with the reward or the quest items you obtained.

The island has an account age requirement: only accounts 90 days old or older can enter.

Change Log:
8/24/11: Portal to Ximestis now lasts 50 minutes, 2k gold corpsestone added to castle, measures taken to help keep archers in castle towers from attacking during battle with Ximestis, spawning bug with Rindial fixed, rewards given to players in a quicker fashion to counter missed rewards, Reward NPCs now include the name of their quests when they tell players they must approach them with one completed quest book.
8/30/11:Narrowed visual ability of shadow nodes to mostly the water and occasionally the coast and players may still get killed by staying close to the shores, added a system to counter using dead players to activate the Rindial spawn, exit portal on top of fortress now leads to the northeast tower instead of outside of the castle.