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Animal Spawners

It is possible to purchase a personal animal spawner from the deco room. You may have a maximum of 10 spawners (across all types including NPCs, trainers, and animals).

To purchase spawners, go to Town Center and take the purple and gold moon gate to the Deco room:


The animal spawner costs 400,000 gold. It may be purchased from the stone immediately south from the gate, the same stone which sells house to house teleports.


The buyer decides which regular spawn - tamable - animals the spawner will supply; up to 3 animals per spawn.

Regular spawn: Bird, Black Bear, Boar, Brown Bear, Bull Frog, Bull, Cat, Chicken, Cougar, Cow, Desert Ostard, Dog, Eagle, Forest Ostard, Giant Toad, Goat, Great Hart, Grey Wolf, Grizzly Bear, Hind, Horse, Llama, Panther, Pig, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Rat, Ridgeback, Sheep, Timber Wolf, White Wolf,

After you place the spawner at your house, you may adjust several options. To access the options menu, click one of the spawned animals as if you intended to tame it. You will see a second option on the menu: Information.


Selecting "Information" allows you to adjust the number of spawn (1-3), the range they will wander from the spanwer (0 - 6 squares) and whether they are permitted to turn. You may also move the spawner elsewhere within the house or yard.


There is no option to change which animal spawns after initial placement.

There is no option to delete the spawner from your house.