Treasure Map Book Maker

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Re: Treasure Map Book Maker

Post by sarmatian »

I have 71% chance with:
Inscription: 120
Cartography 102.6
Tracking: 120

no extra "plus" items.
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Re: Treasure Map Book Maker

Post by Possum12 »

I also have 100% chance with 120 in each required skill and no extra gear
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Re: Treasure Map Book Maker

Post by culichi »

Turnabout wrote:
Thu Sep 14, 2023 1:09 pm
Does anyone with 120 Insc/Cart/Track can confirm what I said previously? Because if only my char can craft at 100% chance without any additional gear then it can be some kind of bug.

EDIT: ...or I'm missing something.
i can confirm 3x120 skills and no additional skill gear gives me 100% success chance. i've made literally dozens of t-map books with no issues ever.
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Re: Treasure Map Book Maker

Post by Durocius »

Same here. Apparently I was under 120 Tracking when I failed before.
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