voting fix

Anything you find suspicious, things that crash your client, things that crash the server, anything that doesnt work as it should.
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voting fix

Post by sarmatian »

Can I get reply what browser must be used to successfully complete voting session?
I am using Firefox

from 6 selected for me sites
- one cannot be resolved in dns
We can’t connect to the server at Did you mean to go to ... l9PVCTEAhE
- two are hanging in endless cloudflare "ray" validation after successful resolving captha
Due to shitty site protection can we get for example 8 sites but need to vote for at least N ?

It is my 4th and last attempt to get voting achievement ... last time I "lost" after 100 days
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Re: voting fix

Post by Cerrera »

As heard its 6 sites for completing voting session. you can pick any of lower ones in case you cannot vote on some offered (upper ones) . having issue's with voting on every also, cause still using explorer for voting, don't want to do everything in one browser, cause of ''evil cookies'' i guess many of them are attracted to specific browser (i know some are in java etc...). Also hate Edge, cause it has processes when its turned off. (don't like when something is doing something while i don't ask). Anyway it could be +- ok for just voting and nothing else, if i could deal with those processes. Using Godzilla fireplax for most of other things, so don't want to mess it with suspicious sites :D (there am laughing on myself, but yeah, that's how i used to act). Perhaps learning of coding could fade that fair (i could understand what everything is doing) , but cannot grow my willpower for that,yet.
So yeah, choose other site, not necessary to change browser.
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