First Yumi Advice

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First Yumi Advice

Post by scroft391 »

I'm leveling a weapon to make into my first Yumi. It started with:

Stamina Leech 46%
Mana Leech 46%
Magic Arrow 46%
DCI 14%

I've leveled it up to level 55 and added
Fireball 45%
Lightning 22% (going for 45%)

I was thinking of adding HLD 45%. Is it worth doing that or should I dump those points into raising Fireball, Lightning or Magic arrow higher? Is there something else I am missing that I should consider?

This might not be my end game weapon but I plan on using it for quite some time. Before grinding out the rest of the levels, I wanted some advice. Thanks
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Re: First Yumi Advice

Post by Opopanax »

Disclaimer that there are many players who are more experienced than me and this is just my take on your yumi, it is actually very similar to mine, except mine started with 54% mana leech, but I think it will be a nice weapon once it's finished!

If you want to maximise damage over everything else, I would take lightning, fireball and magic arrow to 50, and also add max SDI. In my mind, you always want to have max SDI added to every part of your kit possible, especially if you have multiple hits on it like this.

This will look like this:

Stamina Leech 46%
Mana Leech 46%
Magic Arrow 50%
Fireball 50%
Lightning 50%
Spell damage increase 20%
DCI 14%

This takes you to 456 points of spending, from here there are more choices depending on what you need, you could put 8 points into strength and distribute the remaining on Lightning/Fireball, or just put everything onto the spell hits.

Other than the reflect physical damage route (which requires very high HP to use effectively), getting SDI as high as possible and using weapons with spell hits is going to give you the highest damage output.
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