AFK Farming - Don’t be this guy!

Name says it all
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AFK Farming - Don’t be this guy!

Post by Muolke »

I’m currently on a cruise. Yes, my 5th cruise in the past 8 months for those of you keeping track.

We went to one of the lounges onboard the ship to listen to a singer last night and a man was sound asleep on one of the chairs and it reminded me of UOEX.

Farming Wrong or the Balron spots while doing this is NOT ok.
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Re: AFK Farming - Don’t be this guy!

Post by Nick »

I really should get a third screen to run UO as I'm min school at my desk for the next 5 weeks and could really get some good bally time in. Sadly, my Razor-based script isn't as good as the other people so, it's slower from spot to spot so, not as profitable when others are on the same route.
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