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On May 03, 2012, created by +Veritas And +Nyx, a new style of PvP arena Has been added to compliment the origonal PvP Dungeon. You can access this new area through the Origonal PvP Dungeon area. This PvP Arena is set to give a different type of PvP atmosphere for players of all skill levels to have an as balanced PvP System possible on Excelsior.

Warning: As you may not be able to have your corpse looted and items taken upon death in this arena, this is a Free-For-All area, meaning any player, at anytime can attack you while you are in the pvp approved area. Also, if you die in this area, your body can be cut up, and your head taken. So proceed with caution if you do not want any of these to happen.

Rules For The Thunderdome

1.) Absolutely NO refunds of the entry fee will be given for ANY reason. If you buy too many tickets, mess up and exit too early or anything else happens, there will be NO refunds. Do not page staff for refunds!

2.) You may page staff if you find a bug regarding the functionality of this arena. Do NOT page staff members for PvP issues in the Thunderdome. If you have a problem with another player's method of PvP, put them on ignore or leave.

3.) Do not bring any arena issues or conflicts to world chat. Under no circumstances is a player permitted to argue or taunt another player about PvP related issues in world chat. This will be treated as trolling and creating drama, and potentially result in jail.

4.) Think before you PM. Any harassment issues arising from PvP in the Thunderdome will be handled the same as any other harassment problem and could result in jail.

5.) The Thunderdome is a free for all. Players are permitted to group up, camp, and utilize the environment as they wish. Beware the tricksy playerses.

6.) Any attempts to exploit any aspect of this arena will be considered a heavy violation of the rules and result in jail and revocation of arena privileges without benefit of a warning.

7.) Heads may be taken and kept in this arena! If you do not wish to run the risk of a player obtaining your head, DO NOT ENTER the Thunderdome.

8.) Friendly banter is permitted in this arena, however everything you say must still abide by our family-friendly shard rules in all ways. Any violations with language or harassment will be handled according to the codex.

Features and Notes

  • You will be stripped of your gear and items before entering, so you do not have to worry about losing anything while in the Thunderdome.
  • There is no hiding, magery, spirit speak, chivalry, cleric spells, etc.
  • Healing has been minimized, meaning you can only heal once every 2 seconds.
  • All items in the Thunderdome are temporary. Weapons and armor last 10 minutes. Bandages, arrows, and food last around 2 minutes.
  • Upon arrival, you will be in the res room. Stand on any red teleporter to be transported to a location in the direction of that teleporter.
  • To re-enter the res room upon death, stand on any red altar in the arena. The healers inside will resurrect you, and the ankh altars will refresh your health and stamina.
  • When your ticket expires, you will be moved to the exit. You will be able to use the teleporter to immediately begin again, or world teleporters to fully exit.
  • There are a handful of very special weapons available on special altars inside the Thunderdome. Make good use of them, as they have very very low durability.
  • The exit gate is located along the north wall, to the east side of the safe room.
  • Upon exit, the gate should re organize your backpack with what was in there, back to nice and organized.
  • In order to keep the heads you collected in the area, you may use a bag of sending to send the heads to your bank. The bag of sending is located on a pedestal to the right of the staircase leading up to the exit flames

--Dramoor 14:43, 22 May 2012 (CDT)