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The teamspeak server has been disabled indefinitely due to abuse. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

UO Excelsior has it's own TeamSpeak3 channel for any players in game to use. To access TeamSpeak you must first have the TeamSpeak client which you can obtain from Here. You must download the TeamSpeak3 Client in order to be able to access the shards TeamSpeak.

Once you have obtained the client you may now be able to connect to the server.

The address for the servers TeamSpeak Client is:

The port you want to set is 9987 (default)

Note: There is a password that needs to be obtained to login as well. Due to uninvited guests from other areas of world outside of this game and shard, you must obtain the password in game to be able to use the shards TeamSpeak. You can find that password in Town Center east of the gate in a Book that looks similar to a Bulk Order Deed Book. Open the book to receive the password.

Custom TeamSpeak Channels

For some guilds, and players in general, there can be too much going on in TeamSpeak for the players to be able to establish their goals for hunts or champs or whatever the case may be. If that happens a player can choose to use a custom channel.

There are two types of custom TeamSpeak channels you can choose to use.

  • A temporary custom channel can be made by any player by simply right clicking on the main channel and selecting create a channel. This will create a temporary channel which you can then set a password for anyone you wish to come in, or simply just leave it open for all if they would like. Once there are no more players in that channel, the channel will be removed from the server. (Even if the person who created the channel has left, as long as someone is in that channel it will not be removed)

  • A Permanent Channel can also be made by a member of the staff for a fee. That fee is rental of the server for your channel. The price is 500k Tokens for every 3 months of channel rental. This price may seem high at first, but if you are in a bigger guild that is active, some players may help to keep the costs down for the guildmaster. This channel will be created and given Persmissions to the player who payed and paged for the channel to then change the password, the channel name, and allows you to let in or kick out anyone you may or may not want in your channel.

--Dramoor 15:32, 23 May 2012 (CDT)