Taming Skill Guide

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Taming Leveling Guide

First go to animal trainer vendor, he'll teach you taming and animal lore around 30 for around 300 gold each.

Taming Guide [0-100]
Skill Tame/Craft
0 - ~30 Buy from Animal Trainer NPC
29.1 - 35.1 Boars, Horses, Pack Lama, Pack Horse, Desert Ostard, Forest Ostard, Giant Rat
35.1 - 41.1 Black Bear, Llama, Walrus, Polar Bear
41.1 - 47.1 Brown Bear, Cougar
47.1 - 53.1 Alligator
53.1 - 59.1 Panther, Grey Wolf, Snow Leopard
59.1 - 60.0 Snake, Grizzley Bear, Great Hart
60.0 - 80.0 Unique Dyes (Dyes, Empty Bottle)
80.0 - 85.0 Rare Dyes (Dyes, Empty Bottle)
85.0 - 100.0 Shrink Potions (5 Petrafied Wood, 10 Spring Angel)

From here you can continue to craft make the hardest you can try for best gains all the way to 120 or Tame Bulls, Lesser Hiryu, Kirin or Unicorns.

Taming Guide [100-120]
Skill Craft
100.0 - 105.0 Resurrection Potion
105.0 - 110.0 Pet Dye Tub
110.0 - 115.1 Hitching Post
115.1 - 120.0 Pet Leash


Dyes - Can be bought from Tailors and Weavers

Petrafied Woood and Spring Angel - Can be bought from the reagent(Red) stone in Trinsic, or looted from Druids not Dryads in the Mushroom Caves. The Mushroom Cave is located north along the mountain from the Ilshenar Spirituality Shrine.

+Animal Taming Jewelry - Can be found as loot or player crafted jewelry.

Pet Brush - Can be bought from Animal Trainers or obtained by doing Small Taming Bods [Base 10]. Uses can be combined with a tool house.


Bottles - Can be bought from exex, herbalists, alchemists, and provisioners

Once you have used a dye, pet rez potion, or shrink potion, the bottle will be returned as a dirty bottle. These can be washed in water (2x click and target water).

When making dyes, you won't need to have a bottle for every potion you make. You can make a dye, apply it to your pet, wash the bottle and make a new dye with the same bottle, until you fail. This will significantly decrease the amount of bottles needed.

Pet Resurrection Potions and Shrink Potions can be stored in kegs. Crop the first potion you make into the keg, the bottle will not return dirty. From there on out, each potion you make will automatically be dropped into the keg, as long as it is not full.

Kegs can be made with carpentry and tinkering, or bought from Exex or other players.


Crafting Only Gains

You can go from zero - 120 without taming a thing if you buy skill from the trainer and get +Animal Taming Jewelry to get you to 60, and start crafting from there. It costs a lot more, but it is very possible and fast.

It is also possible to go from 100 to 120 only making Resurrection Potions. As the materials for them are much easier to come by. This is a quicker, easier, slightly more expensive way to get to 120.