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Seasonal quests are events that run for 1 month each year and are themed to a holiday or season.

These quests are hosted by +Nyx and are announced in-game on the town criers as well as on the forums under the Announcements section.



January: Coming Soon

Coming Soon!

February: Cupid

Cupid is in need of help. Venus, yet again angered at him, is tormenting him by corrupting the Cherubim out of spite. He needs brave adventurers to assist him in purifying as many Cherubim as possible and discouraging Venus' meddling.

For more information, visit: Cupid Quest

March: St. Patrick's

Saint Patrick needs your help to halt the spread of evil creatures on a remote island.

For more information, visit: Saint Patrick's Quest

April: Spring & Easter

Jordane the Gardener would like your assistance with preparing for the spring planting season.

For more information, visit: Spring Quest

Also running in April is the Easter Egg Hunt. For more information, visit: Easter Egg Hunt

May: Hunting

This is a rotating quest that shifts between hunting Excelsior Boars, Stags, Ospreys, Turkeys, and other creatures. This quest is always held in May, but it is often held one or two additional times per year.

For more information, visit: Hunting Event

June: Princess Bride

Coming Soon!

July: Doctor Who

The Doctor has gotten himself trapped in a time loop and his friends need your help to free him!

For more information, visit: Doctor Who Quest

August: Princess Problems

Coming Soon!

September: Fall Harvest

Liam the farmer needs assistance with various tasks on his family's farms.

For more information, visit: Fall Harvest Quest

October: Halloween

The Halloween Event features 2 unique quest lines, one of which requires you to delve into the Haunted Halls dungeon, and the other sees you trick-or-treating with the citizens of Excelsior.

For more information, visit: Halloween Quests

November: The Walking Dead & The Wayward Winchesters

The Walking Dead

This post-apocalyptic zombie-hunting event generally runs in November each year.

For more information, visit: The Walking Dead

The Wayward Winchesters

This "Supernatural" themed quest is Coming Soon!

December: Winter

The Winter Events are a series of holiday quests which run every December.

There are several quest lines varying in difficulty from relatively easy to rather hard. Note that difficulty levels are stated in relation to the other winter event quests. The "easy" quest is easy compared to the difficult quests, but it will still pose a significant challenge for newer players or players with low stats/gear.

For more information, visit: Winter Event

Rewards Displays

Each seasonal quest has numerous rewards, which are displayed year round. To access the reward displays, go to Excelsior Halls and then follow the North path until it curves east. The rewards gates are in the small plaster building.

Note: The rewards displays are updated every year before the quest opens. Any rewards which are different from year to year will only display the current year's version. Past versions are not shown.

Vendor Stones & Quest Currency

Each quest's vendor stone is available only while the quest is running.

You will earn currency items for each quest. The amount you earn is based on the difficulty of the quest, the repeat delay timer, and the items available for purchase.

All seasonal currency is temporary and decays after the quest close date. They will decay at 00:00 shard time on their decay date, which is usually a few days after the quest closes, to account for quest extensions. Note that the vendor stones will become unavailable when the quest closes. You will need to spend your currency on/before the final day of the quest or you will not be able to spend it.

Seasonal Totems

Each seasonal quest has a corresponding totem which can be equipped for a few months out of each year.

For more information, visit: Seasonal Totems

Important Information

Patch Requirements

All seasonal quests require the most recent Expatch in order to participate.

Pets & Spells

Most seasonal quests disallow the use of pets as well as various AOE spells.

Rule Violations & Event Bans

If you are disrespectful toward the staff or otherwise violate the rules excessively, you may be given an event ban. This means you cannot participate in any seasonal quests or staff-run events until the ban expires.

If you receive jail tasks totaling 10 or higher for ANY infraction while a seasonal quest is running, you will be barred from that event.

If you are found to be in violation of the AFK rules of the shard while inside a seasonal event space, you will lose event privileges for at least 2 weeks, up to the full duration of the event.