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Tips N Tricks

A good skill to raise with Animal Taming is Peacemaking. Often the higher level critters become angry when you attempt to tame them and need to be calmed. Some tamable critters, like mules, need to be subdued first before they can be tamed. This is done by attacking it until its health gets low enough to tame it. When its health gets low enough that it can be tamed there will be a message that announces something like "this creature has been subdued". Using a weapon with Mortal Strike will prevent pets from healing, making taming pets that must be subdued easier.

Pet Loyalty

In order to keep your pet loyal to you, you must feed your pet. Some pets like fruits and vegetables, some prefer raw meat. You can find the proper food to feed your pet by using animal lore on them and sifting through the gump that comes up. It would be wise to feed your pet every few hrs at least, as the longer you go with your pet out without feeding it, the better the chance it will go wild and in cases of Bios or Imprisoned Pets, poof away and removed from the game.

Pet Shrinking

Players can shrink a pet, making them into a moveable/tradeable item. Instead of having them follow you through dungeons and what not, toss them in your backpack, run around, take them out when needed, and then leash them again. No need to stable pets, worry about them going wild, etc. Shrunken pets weigh 25 stones. By holding your cursor over the shrunken pet, you can get info on it such as stats, skills, etc. There are 3 shrinking objects in the system: Shrinking Potions, Leashes, and Hitching Posts (see Taming Craft for details).

Taming Craft

Tamers can make items such as potions, dyes, house addons, etc, all in relation to taming, using the Brush tool (bought from Animal Trainers). This gives Tamers more of a profitable market than just plain old bank sitting, spamming "Selling Nightmare". Tamers can shrink their pets and sell them on vendors just as easy!

Pet Bonding

Using a deed

Players can bond their pet(s) by buying a pet bonding deed from the vendor stone at the Town Center. After buying a pet bonding deed, double click it and target a pet (not shrunken).

Using food

In addition to buying a pet bonding deed, your pet can also bond naturally after one real world week. When you first tame your pet, feed it. To find out which foods it will eat, you will need to use Animal Lore on it. After one real world week of having your pet in either your house, pack, or stable, feed it again and it will bond to you.

Bonded pet benefits

By bonding a pet, your pet will turn into a ghost upon death, giving you the option of resurrecting it. (The pet resurrection stone can be found to the west of Britain Bank next to the ankh.) Bonded pets can also recall with you.

Pet Stat Loss

When bonded pets die, they have a 25% chance to suffer a stat loss. There are 3 different things that could happen upon death:

  • The pet's ability points could be halved upon death
  • The pets total exp could be halved upon death
  • The pet can suffer a 5% stat loss (strength, intelligence, dexterity).

Pack Instinct

Introduced by Publish 16 in mid-July 2002, refers to a damage bonus that is granted when certain like-type creatures engage in combat under the control of a single Tamer. It recognizes that certain animals fight far more efficiently as a team than when solo. There are seven types of pack instinct creatures:

Pack Type Creatures
Arachnid Frost Spider, Giant Spider, Scorpion
Bear Black Bear, Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Polar Bear
Bull Bull
Canine Dire Wolf, Dog, Grey Wolf, Hell Hound, Timber Wolf, White Wolf, Imprisoned Pets
Daemon Fire Steed, Imp, Nobles
Equine Fire Steed
Feline Cat, Cougar, Hellcat, Leader Hellcat, Panther, Predator Hellcat, Snow Leopard
Ostard Desert Ostard, Forest Ostard, Frenzied Ostard

As suggested above, a Frost Spider and a Giant Spider both belong to the Arachnid group and can be used together to receive the pack instinct damage bonus. However, while a Frost Spider and Black Bear both can use pack instinct, they do not receive the damage bonus when used together since one is of the Arachnid group and the other is of the Bear group.

Pets in Pack Damage Bonus
2 +25%
3 +50%
4 +75%
5 +100%
  • All of the pets within the pack must be engaged with the same target to receive the maximum damage bonus. For example, if your 5-pack team engages two targets, with 3 pets on one target and 2 on the other, then you will only receive a total damage increase of +75%. The group of 3 garner a +50% bonus and the group of 2 receive a +25% bonus.
  • The Fire Steed, and Imp require 2 animal control slots.

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