Doom Gauntlet

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The Quest

The Summoning, given by Victoria the Sorceress, can be gotten near the bell used to cross. Run west, make two quick rights (north and back east) and you'll be at Victoria. Gather 1000 Daemon Bones, which are dropped by all the monsters inside of Doom. Return them to her. Victoria then summons a daemon bone monster to the east. Defeat it, open up its corpse for a golden skull, used to cross the lake.(When you dbl click the corpse, the item goes into your pack. If razor loots the corpse, you still need to dbl click it, or you will not receive it. IT IS NOT ON THE CORPSE ITSELF)


The Doom Gauntlet is an area of the Dungeon Doom, located in Malas, across a lake at the southern end of the dungeon. To get across the lake you must summon Chyloth the Ferryman by double-clicking the Bell of the Dead on the shore line. If you are going with a group of people be sure you are all partied, before summoning Chyloth, so that you can all cross together.

When Chyloth appears, he will ask for a Golden Skull as payment to cross the lake. You must take the Golden Skull you received from killing the Bone Demon and drop it onto him. You and the rest of your party will receive a popup box asking if you wish to cross. Select OK to be teleported onto the ferry, then walk on the teleporter tile to cross.

If you summon Chyloth and don't give him a Golden Skull, he will get very angry at you for wasting his time. After waiting for a few moments he will cast Flamestrike and summon a Skeletal Dragon upon you. The dragon must be killed before Chyloth can be summoned again. If you ring the bell and he does not appear you will need to find and kill the Skeletal Dragon.


The Gauntlet is divided into many areas. After you cross the lake you'll arrive on a beach. Here you will see an exit moongate.

From the beach you'll enter a wide corridor. There is a hidden entrance, leading to a small shop with an NPC vendor, on the East wall. If you can't find the shop, look at your map for the hidden room and double-click the wall (doors) directly across from it. The shop is a safe place to log out or go AFK and is a convenient way to replenish supplies.

If you walk further down the wide corridor you'll end up in a big room with 6 pentagrams in the center. They indicate what stage the gauntlet is at. This area is where the Dark Father will spawn.

There are 6 separate hallways that each lead to a closed off room. Five of them contain lesser bosses and one of them is a special healer area that you can only get into as a ghost. The healer inside will charge you gold for his services.

Lesser Bosses

You will first need to kill the 5 lesser bosses in order to get the Dark Father to appear. Start in the East room and continue to each room (after defeating the boss) clockwise. When the door is red it means it's locked until the boss in the room is killed. You must step on the teleporter to enter and may not leave until you either kill the boss or die.

Each lesser boss kill has a chance to reward an artifact, slightly lower than the chance of a Dark Father kill.

Room Boss Name Slayer Vulnerable to Strong Against Special Abilities
One (East) Darknight Creeper Undead Fire & Physical Cold & Poison  
Two (Southeast) Fleshrenderer None Cold & Fire Physical & Poison Dismount Attack, Extremely fast moving
Three (South) Impaler Demon Fire & Poison Energy & Physical Mortal Strike, Bleed Attack, Deadly Poison
Four (Southwest) Shadow Knight Undead Energy & Fire Physical Stealth and Hiding
Five (West) Abyssmal Horror Demon Physical Fire & Energy High Evaluating Intelligence for heavy hitting spells, Mortal Strike

Dark Father

Once all his minions have been defeated, the Dark Father will spawn in the main hall to face you.

Name Slayer Vulnerable to Special Abilities
Dark Father Demon & Elemental All damage types Whirlwind, Bleed Attack, Unholy Bones

When you kill the Dark Father you have a small chance to get a rarity 11 artifact. The gauntlet resets back to the first room after the Dark Father is defeated.

Mirror Gauntlet & Rules

Before actually entering the gauntlet, you must read a series of books outlining fair play, the practice of sharing, and patience. Just before the

center of the gauntlet with the pentagram, in the hallway leading up to it, there should be a brightly colored moongate. This moongate leads to a

mirror Gauntlet; It's exactly the same and allows for another group of players to be running the Gauntlet at the same time.