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This table discusses player attribute caps, a useful tool for planning Relayers

Attribute Caps
Attribute Total Cap from Gear Level Wep Deed Caps Side Notes & Other Information
Damage Increase 100% 50% 100% Cap from equipment, uncapped otherwise.
Hit Chance Increase 45% 50% 70% HCI nullifies any effect from HLA.
Defense Chance Increase 65% 50% Divine Fury lowers DCI by 10%. You need 55% to effectively cap this. 80% nullifies any effect from HLA, combined with the -10% from Divine Fury.
Faster Cast Recovery 6 6 Unsure if cap on wep is 6, but you don't need more.
Faster Casting 4 1 The spell Protection lowers FC by 2. You cannot go over the cap to compensate.
Lower Mana Cast 40% 10% GoC Chest/Sleeves/Boots gives 20% LMC. Follower's Sash give 8%.
Lower Reagent Cost 100% 20% Saves you money on regs/tithing.
Luck 7200 400 Works with Sampling DNA for Bios, Tokuno and Paragon Artifacts.
Hit Point Regeneration 50-55 6 All regens have a diminshing return rate after 50-55 (see here).
Mana Regeneration 30-35 6 All regens have a diminshing return rate after 30-35 (see here). This is with 120 Meditation and 120 Focus
Stamina Regeneration 35-40 10 All regens have a diminshing return rate after 35-40 (see here). This is with 120 Focus
Reflect Physical Damage Uncapped 15% Awesome to have if you can take the hits
Spell Damage Increase Uncapped 20% This uncapped for Player Vs. Monster(PvM), but capped at 15% for Player Vs. Player (PvP)
Swing Speed Increase 1 attack every 1.25 seconds 40% 60% cap from gear. Stamina affects swing speed, not dexterity. With 237 stamina, you will swing all weapons at full speed.

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