Let's Make A Deal

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Let's Make A Deal

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Let’s Make A Deal! 2023

Back by popular demand!

RBG would like to invite you to our Let’s Make A Deal event/game
Date: Saturday, September 16th, 2023
Time: Game 1 at 14:00 and Game 2 at 23:00 shard time
Cost: 10k to be a contestant (spectators are free)

How it works:
Take the world tele to RBG Event Center. Go to the ticket booth outside.
Buy a game box from the vendor (opens 9/16/23). It will contain a temporary LMAD (Let’s Make A Deal) ticket and a book.
Write your name in the book, put it back in the game box. Both the token and book must be in the game box when you turn it in.
Put the game box in the inbox (by the vendor/on the table)
Go next door to the RBG Event Center, games will start at the World Save.
When your name is called, come up to the “stage” and play.
You will be given a choice of locked boxes to open, or maybe the dealer will ask you to Let’s Make a Deal, who knows?

We will play whether there is 1 contestant or 100.
Only 1 game box per person/per game. But you can play both by purchasing a game box when they go on sale again.
It will be announced in World Chat when game boxes go on sale. Game boxes will go on sale approximately 1 hour before each game, no boxes will be sold during the game.

Some of the prizes are worth a lot more than 10k, some not anywhere close, and be warned you may even be *ZOINK’d* by RBG (a limited amount of participation prizes that not everyone will get)

You are paying to play, but it does NOT mean that the prize you choose will be worth that much.

Don’t forget about the 50/50 drawing we will be doing at the end of Game 2. You do not have to be present to win! Winner will take home half the pot, the other half of the pot will go to help fund future events.

You can start purchasing chances for 50/50 Drawing now. Go to RBG Event Center on tele, The 50/50 drawing instructions and supplies are against the left wall to the back of the room. 50/50 entries are 25k each, you may enter as many times as you like.

PS, you might want to hang around for the BIG DEAL at the end of each game, the top prize winner will be offered to trade in their prize for a chance at the BIG Deal. They could win a Bone Crusher or be ZOINK’d or something in between! If the top winner chooses not to go for the Big Deal, the next highest winner will be asked, and so on and so forth until the Dealer gets a contestant!

You never know what the crazy dealer (let alone the peanut galley) is going to do, say, or offer!!!

There is no cost to come and watch, so join us for some fun and laughs and

Let’s Make A Deal!
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