[UOSTEAM] Stealing MACRO need help

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[UOSTEAM] Stealing MACRO need help

Post by gutheba »

guys look this i did this macro to uosteam , the goal is raise stealing.

Code: Select all

if skill 'stealing' < 100
  useobject 0x4008f9aa
  useskill 'stealing'
  pause 500
  target 0x400a479f
  closegump 'container' '0x4008f9aa'
  pause 10000
it was working perfecting..in some moment started to say that the item was in 'dequeded time out', when you remove all the gold from the container and put it in your backpack, then with the organizer you put it back, change the serial, I thought that was it and changed the target to the graphic name of gold, to no avail, began to say the same 'dequeded time out'.

i don't want to be answered with "there is a macro ready for this" because i want to learn how to create my own macros and i didn't know this error message, can anyone explain to me what it means and how to solve it?

In the meantime I will be forced to use a working ready macro.
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Re: [UOSTEAM] Stealing MACRO need help

Post by Blade Slinger »

Quick google search pulled this up. Maybe it will help? https://www.uoforum.com/threads/uosteam ... elp.61121/

Hello, with UOSteam under options > combat > limit target range to ( ) tiles. When I have this option checked my macro doesn't work for my steal script it just plays then when I have item to steal the cursor stays up and I get in my journal message: (core): target found queued then a few secs later target "found dequeued, timeout. If I uncheck this option (the limit target range) it works perfect but that option is a must I think, please give advise.

if you have that box checked and your target is out of range it's not going to target... and if it's queueing your target then add a section to 'cleartargetqueue' instead of waiting for the timeout.
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