Completing Plant Breeding Guide

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Completing Plant Breeding Guide

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– Plain, black and white seeds are all dull colored. seeds-one
– All other colors come in dull and bright versions.
– Brightness of the child is determined by the color of the parents.
– Brightness of the parents does not influence brightness of the child.
– Crossing two different colors yields a dull color.
– Crossing two identical colors yields a bright color.
– Self-pollination will result in the same color and brightness.

Regular Colors:
– All colors except plain, black and white come in dull and bright versions.
– There are three primary colors: red, blue, yellow. seeds-two
– There are three secondary colors: purple, green, orange. seeds-three
– Crossing two identical colors will give that color.
– Crossing two different primary colors will give a secondary color.
– Crossing a primary and a secondary color will give a primary color.
– Crossing two different secondary colors will give a primary color.
– Crossing plain pollen with any other pollen will give plain pollen.
– Black and white seeds are random mutations. Plants of this color give no seeds.

Special Colors and Bonsai Trees:
– Four rare colors have been introduced with the “Naturalist Quest”.
– The rare colors are pink, magenta, aqua and fire red. seeds-four
– Five different Bonsai Seeds have been introduced with the Samurai Empire Expansion.
– Both the rare colors and the Bonsai Seeds are considered mutants and give no seeds.

All of that said: What are vivid plants, and how do they come to be?
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