Sword of Prosperity Needs a Relayer Guide / Probably My First 3-5th Relayers Choice

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Sword of Prosperity Needs a Relayer Guide / Probably My First 3-5th Relayers Choice

Post by RavenousPT »

Hello community,

First things first I've been searching the forum trying to find info about relayers and went across a thread back from 2012 viewtopic.php?f=8&t=5159&p=34047&hilit= ... ion#p34047 that looks like a guide for relayers and best options to go for.

Lately I haven't found much info about best relayer options with all that new mistvale and probably other quests (I don't know) maybe a few things have changed and thats what I'm asking here - For a new guide on relayers

I know about the bone crushers + SOTs thing (my guild have a sheet with it) but I never seen one with Sword of Prosperity.

Talking to a few friends and players that have been playing over the years, I heard that if they wen't back to where I stand, they would probably go for Sword of Prosperity and the reason is mainly Luck + total stat points that the weapon already has + Saving EDs.

Thats why I decided to go all in with the Sword of Prosperity for first relayers seemed to be the best cost/benefit choice for me and probably would be for alot of young players who really want to start with the right foot.

But I'm missing the BIG Picture on it. All right, lets say I already have 3-4 SoP's relayers. What now? Is there a sheet with SoP's aswell? Where can I find it?

Maybe I would find someone here in the forum who has used SoPs on relayers and would give us details/guide/miniguide or opinions about going this path. <- That is the main reason I created this thread in the hope of having recent opinions on this.

Thank you guys and feel free to give your opinion!
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Re: Sword of Prosperity Needs a Relayer Guide / Probably My First 3-5th Relayers Choice

Post by Silent »

SOPs are great starter relayers IMO.

if you get 3-4 SOPs you should start looking for BC afterwards. The big picture is HP, at first you want to god mode your healing but after that you want to be able to take a good punch and still stand. BC is the top STR artifact (10 base STR rather than the 8 you can get from levelling) which only loses to the titan hammer and is fairly more accessible haha.

In regards to building your gear just get an excel spreadsheet (there were some around in the forums) and edit for your current gear even your jewelery.
-> Make a column =sum and subtract to the game caps to see what points you need to use on your new relayers. The uncapped points should be always top priority like stats and spell damage increase :p

For first relayers: Look for gear slots that you are not using like shirt and kilt for first slots. Always try to add more with the relayer rather than switching.

In sum: go for some SOPs to get stronger then when you can be fully independent and get great amounts of gold try to get BCs. you can farm your own BC and just spend 700 EDS to equip them :)
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Re: Sword of Prosperity Needs a Relayer Guide / Probably My First 3-5th Relayers Choice

Post by Muolke »

Luck is mostly useless on this server. Yes, there's a couple of things luck plays a role in but...in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really make much of a difference.

Also, the amount of "points" a SoP has is irrelevant. When you have a full relayer suit you'll have enough points to cover everything you could possibly need...even if you get a basic club with nothing on it.

The reason most players prefer BCs is because of the additional 2 STR from each relayer. That's an additional 34 STR with a full BC suit. That's 51 extra hit points and about 2 extra damage per hit.

You'll do fine even with a full SoP suit but the goal is to get over 500 hit points for end-game status. Ideally you want to be over 600 hit points as there's things that do more than 500 damage. For example a Dreadmare and at Tokuno if you have Enemy of One on one of the mobs and the final boss spanws...he'll hit you for up to 600 damage as well.
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