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Re: Wiki Editing Group

Post by Devlin »

Resident Wiki Editor/Village Idiot

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Re: Wiki Editing Group

Post by +Nyx »

Devlin, I've added you to the wiki editing group. Keep in mind, though, we don't want to see more "godmode" type pages or edits.
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Re: Wiki Editing Group

Post by rainydays »

If help is still appreciated, I'd be available.
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Re: Wiki Editing Group

Post by Ethereal »

I'm brand new to the shard, but I'd like to fix-up or (for the most part) expand on things as I learn. Some of the wiki pages are pretty basic, and can be confusing for newer players, such as myself :)

Some of the less in-depth wiki pages are clearly written by experts who aren't focused so much on details that are second nature to them. (That's not a bad thing, but can be confusing for a new player, as I mentioned.)

I understand there is a required age, so if that's strict, then thank you anyways. :)
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Re: Wiki Editing Group

Post by dieharder401 »

I fall under the same group as Ethereal. Its been some time since I really jumped into UO and I am still new to the shard, but I too have noticed certain inconsistencies. I've also noticed that things tend to get over looked as common knowledge that leave a new player a bit lacking in understanding. I wouldn't mind filling in a few of these holes here and there.
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Re: Wiki Editing Group

Post by Agony »

I've been planning to add some in-depth info to the wiki. If I qualify, please sign me up :)
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Re: Wiki Editing Group

Post by WhskySoldr »

Is there someone we can submit possible wiki update info too? Say for skills guide or what not?
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Re: Wiki Editing Group

Post by +Requiem »

We have a "wiki talk" section on the forums. That would probably be a good place to talk about wiki things, or what you feel needs to be updated, or what not.