Renegades Open Enrollment

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Renegades Open Enrollment

Post by Allen »

Lost? Confused? Lonely? Constipated? Twitterpated? Giggly? Hurt? Crazy? Boggled? Excitable? Bumfuzzled? Hungry? Kidnapped? Sweet-smelling? None of the above?
Then Renegades is the guild for you. :nod:

We are recruiting new players, vet players, casual players, active players, and all players in between.

Will be hosting guild hunts, dungeon crawls, champ runs, questing assistance, resource/crafting runs and much more.

Formerly known as Rogue Knights from many moons ago. Looking to restore some camaraderie, fun, and a group of friendly players as once was in many guilds all throughout UO's past.

Please [pm Allen Honors in game and I'll get back to you ASAP
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Re: Renegades Open Enrollment

Post by thuanlinh »

i would like to join but so new I dont even know how to PM you in game.
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