The Everthorn Company

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The Everthorn Company

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A now semi RP Guild based off THE Role Playing guild, Kingdom of Everthorne guild from the catskills shard and RP community that was created by Octavius Thorn, Orodreth and Airin Ne Mai with over 100 plus members in its prime which has memorials and structures still on the EA/OSI shard to this day. Our home is without question Excelsior and we are looking to expand our outreach with a customized structure, purpose and concept for the Excelsior Shard.

The concept comes from the The Grey Company and Rangers of the North from LOTR

"Their menfolk ceaselessly patrolled the boundaries of Eriador and were by necessity skilled with the sword, bow, and spear.
The Rangers were grim in life, appearance, and dress, choosing to wear rusty green and brown. The Rangers of the Grey Company, were dressed in dark grey cloaks and openly wore a silver brooch shaped like a pointed star during the War of the Ring. These Rangers rode rough-haired, sturdy horses, were helmeted and carried shields. Their armament included spears and bows."

Structure and Ranks

No rank/Recruit
Ranger 1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star and 5 star Ranger
Ranger Elite
Shadow Ranger
Ranger Captain
1st Ranger

All our welcome :) Please msg Octavius Thorn, Airin Ne Mai and Orodreth if interested
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