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Things for sale

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Since I don't have a TC vendor, I thought I would put a few things on the forum for sale. Please pm me in the forums or in game if you're interested. All prices are negotiable.

Doctor Who items.
DR Who.PNG (118.41 KiB) Viewed 8956 times
This is a bag of 17 Doctor Who items. I'm wanting to sell the whole lot for around 4 mil or ED equivalent
The bag includes:

Ominous Cube 2015
Gallifreyan Tapestry 2015
Psychic Paper 2015
Bio Damper Ring 2015 x2
K-9 2015
Jelly Baby 2015
Dalek Plush 2015
Astral Map 2015 x2
Weeping Angel Doll 2015
River Song's Journal 2015
Journal of Impossible Things 2015
Vortex Manipulator 2015
Fob Watch 2015
120--year Diary 2015 x2

sunglasses.png (145.95 KiB) Viewed 8956 times
Sunglasses - This is a blessed item that takes up your earing slot. It is relayerable so that your earing's properties are attached to the sunglasses. Basically changing your earrings into the sunglasses. 4 mil or ED equivalent

brute.png (150.99 KiB) Viewed 8956 times
Zoological Sculpture Glacial Brute 2.5 Mil or ED equivalent
Alibaster in game!!
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