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Selling list of Deckard's vendor

Posted: Sat Jan 08, 2022 7:09 pm
by deckard*
A list of goods for sale at my vendor Deckard TC West wall:

- (2x) NPS Lvl 100 Bone Crushers (495 points) 450ED per.
- Ethereal Polar Bear Statuette 0 Slot [Rare old vet reward no longer produced, 24 months to wear] 16m
- Dreadnought Longsword only 325ED
- Dreadnought Helmet 2.5m
- 4x46% Quarter Staff with HML, HLD, HLA, Magic Arrow, great base for a yumi, 4,5m
- Skull of Enlightment 9m
- Full set of +5 Master Blacksmith Gears, Never miss an "exceptional" again 12.6m
- Black-Gold Tower Shield Mold (2-handed), exclusive grand auction item 800ED
- Cavalry Shield Mold (2-handed), exclusive grand auction item 1200ED
- 8x38% Yumi (Looted, Changed Type) containing: Fireball, Lightning, Magic Arrow, Harm, HML, HLD, Life Leech, Stamina Leech, +20%SDI (+10 Levels deed applied) only 200ED

You will also find many deco pieces, imps in a crystal, t-maps related, artifacts, jewelry looted and crafted weapons.

KEEP IN MIND: Prices can be FLEXIBLE and OPEN to offers. PM me in game if you got interested in something and want to make deal.