Happy Halloween 2023

Name says it all
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Happy Halloween 2023

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I have placed a gate for all to walk the darkness threw my Halloween Cabins grab a lantern from vendor turn off your light source on Paperdoll and be scared with all there is to see.

There will be a Gift box and a bag given out to all that come on Halloween day all day.

The vendor on the second cabins bottom floor shall have the gift boxes and I think I'll pass out the bags this year anyhow I hope yawl enjoy the Halloween Cabins and the gifts i know it nothing but maybe some may need where others may not.

One gift box can be taken from the gift giver so for those that think they can get more candy by changing chars it won't work. Image
bandicam 2023-10-13 12-29-18-779.jpg
bandicam 2023-10-13 12-29-18-779.jpg (557.7 KiB) Viewed 7997 times
bandicam 2023-10-13 12-28-10-450.jpg
bandicam 2023-10-13 12-28-10-450.jpg (524.48 KiB) Viewed 7997 times
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