RBG's 3rd Annual SWAP N SHOP event

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RBG's 3rd Annual SWAP N SHOP event

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RBG’s 3rd Annual BOD Swap n Shop Event

Back by popular demand, RBG will be hosting the 3rd Annual BOD SWAP N SHOP event NEXT WEEKEND – July 15th – July 22nd

We will have a limited number of free vendor rentals for BOD related items only. This could be BOD’s, high use tools, materials, crafting gear, recipes, rewards, etc.

You are welcome to put BOD’s that you are only willing to swap on your vendor. Or a book with ones you are looking for/willing to swap.

It will be a week- long event with public access to vendors 24/7.
Vendor set up will be accessible starting July 13th. Vendors must be removed by July 25th.

New this year!

If you have an item you would like to auction off, there will be limited space available.
The item must be in a bag with a book that states your name, the item, and the starting bid/or reserve amount.
Contact Sinja to reserve your Silent Auction spot. The spots are limited and will be on a first come/first serve basis.
The item will remained locked down at the Event Center from July 14th until the end of the auction at 2200 on July 22nd.
At that time winners will be announced in the forum, and the item and bidding board will be returned to the sellers, so that they may contact the bid winners and arrange to make the sale.

PM Sinja to reserve your vendor and/or Silent Auction spot ASAP to ensure you have a spot.

There is no cost for vendor set up or auction service. All Items MUST be BOD related.

There will be more information soon!
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