Best Excelsior EASYuo Auto-Heal script

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Best Excelsior EASYuo Auto-Heal script

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Good day,

this script has been requested to me so many times that I have decided to officially post it. I have edited it to adapt it to our shard. The codex works using [bandself command which is the most efficient.

This script comes with a graphic interface and can also auto-drink potions as you configure it.

Make sure to run the file named 1. and press play then load the file named 2. and press play or uo might crash.

This script when on play will auto-heal you as long as you have bandages present in your backpack or HBOH and that your backpack is opened on your screen.

Also remember while you are hiding auto-heal will not work as this would reveal your toon.

Works 100% enjoy :)

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