idoc event?

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idoc event?

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any idea when the next IDoC event will be?
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Re: idoc event?

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Looks like first half of September would be a good time to have one.
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Re: idoc event?

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How does an IDoC event work? I’ve never been a part of one and I’m curious.
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Re: idoc event?

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All houses whose planks say "in danger of collapsing" will be nuked. This event has been performed in several ways so this is the sum of possibilities: 2 days/1 day and with/without an interval between the idoc's of the same day.

Basically a time and date is announced at the forum and +C makes a countdown in world chat before nuking the houses. be sure to camp outside one and all items will fall in the floor. Grab what you can :)
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Re: idoc event?

Post by Wil »

scroft391 wrote:
Sun Aug 07, 2022 11:39 pm
How does an IDoC event work? I’ve never been a part of one and I’m curious.
Houses for folks who haven't logged in for a long time go through a series of decay stages, the last one of which is "in danger of collapse" or "IDOC." You can check the stage by mousing over the house sign.

On most shards, after a house has been IDOC for 24 hours it collapses. UOEX works a little differently: +C publishes an event time during which the houses which are still IDOC collapse. In the event, the houses collapse within a couple minutes of each other.

When the houses collapse, everything inside falls to the ground and can be scavenged by other players. If not taken, it poofs on the second world save after falling to the ground or last touched. So, there's about 2 hours to scavenge everything you can unless +C takes a long time to get started so that the world save didn't just happen prior to the IDOC.

Prior to an event, folks scour the shard for IDOC houses with good stuff in them. During the event it's a competition to see who can get to the stuff first... except for the folks who found the houses that nobody else camped and can swoop in and take all the good stuff.
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