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Re: Auction?...... Input?.... update?

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2022 7:23 pm
by Kairoz
MagicUser wrote:
Tue Aug 02, 2022 8:21 pm

Unethical means to lack moral principles or to be unwilling to adhere to proper rules of conduct. I cannot imagine that is what you meant.
Thank you for your generosity, you are correct. That isn't for sure the definition i was aiming at. Yes, english is not my first language. And i'm sure that the word "ethics" is truly a bad word to evoke because it is a polysemic word.

So i think i still need to try to state at least the definition i was looking at.

To my point of view, according to some philosophical definition of the word "ethics" (look for texts of Emmanuel Levinás and Jacques Derrida), a person who is being unethical does it not because it is unable to follow a moral code, being apart from it, but because it hurts a moral code determined by a specific community. They hurt a common agreement that binds people together, not being able to take responsability about what they are suposed to in a community (you are not suposed to throw garbage in the ground, you are not suposed to disrespect others, etc). So 'ethics' can mean each indiviual in a community has responsabilities that need to be carried out, in the name of the health of the community. That applies to me, to you, and to the admin. But with admin is different because he is in a power position. And we all know what Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker.

I'm not saying "please, be perfectly responsible alone!". I am saying: can't you see that you can't handle all by yourself? use your power and find new agents to help you manage this complex thing that can be a UO shard. Am i saying any absurd here?
Silent wrote:
Fri Aug 05, 2022 11:09 am
+C can clearly see what is happening to the player base. It is his choice. No one will tell you the truth for you all to panic. enjoy the ride, or the sink, or whatever...

not satisfied? stop donating, play other shards or other games. Be happy!
I don't like the way you are saying this. You are condenscending here, man. Be cool about it, don't try to finish the debate using this kind of argument. We all have the right to express what we think, in this situation.

Nevetherless, you just made more clear my point. Let's see how. "+C can clearly see what is happening to the player base", so he sees, and still do nothing, like, Oh i don't need to answer to that, it doesn't matter so much, not a priority. "It is his choice", ethics issue, choices, decisions toward others: ATTENTION, i'm not saying he should decide about how to rule everything all the time, i am saying, he needs help, because the shard needs help, he can't help everybody all the time! "No one will tell you the truth for you all to panic"... dude... i don't know how you say that in your langage, but in my culture this can only mean authoritarianism, i pray that's not the case. I don't like when anyone hide things for me, do you? Questions about the future of the shard, roadmaps, etc, must be necessarily adressed and cleared out by him, imo.

I've seen +C in action, he is a good person, a gentleman indeed, he is not a person with bad intentions. I just know he could do better for the shard. He could use his power to find new agents to improve things, while he does what he likes to do, i think it is fixing and coding and going into the small insivible issues etc...

I mean no offense with my opinions to anybody, i swear. I've been an assiduous player to the shard for almost 3 years now, i just care about it very much... thank you